review policy

We are more than happy to accept books for review and if you wish to get in contact with me for this reason then please email us at either or Please understand that reviewing and blogging is not our full time job, and therefore we are usually busy with work etc. Due to this we are only able to accept a limited number of requests.

If we accept to review your book this does not mean we have to give it a good review. We am fair in our review process and will give our honest opinion.

We read most genres.

We are not guaranteeing that we will read your book if sent to us for review and if we are not enjoying a book, then we will not finish it.

If we choose to review your book, we will post the review within three months of receiving a copy.

Our preference is a printed copy of your book.

We are able to offer further content such as dedicated blog posts and Instagram content, please get in touch if you’re interested.