Introducing my TBR ‘jar’

I've always seen people post about their stupidly cool TBR jars and I have always envied them. Well now I have one of my own! You probably already know that I am a massive Harry Potter fan but you may not know that I am also a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. My TBR... Continue Reading →


The Harry Potter Tag Part II

    Favourite book? I love the series as a whole probably more than I have ever loved any other books and so it is very difficult to pick a favourite. I would probably have to say The Order of the Phoenix. I think because we get to see much more of the Order, which I... Continue Reading →

The Harry Potter Tag Part I

For anyone that knows me personally, they know just how much of a Harry Potter fan I am, both of the books and of the films. Actually, it can be quite excessive sometimes, the amount of money I've spent on books and merchandise etc is crazy. I think if I had an accountant, they would probably have... Continue Reading →

Bookish Get To Know Me

Okay, so I've been feeling really rough all week, and despite trying everything I could think of to get myself back into the swing of work, I haven't managed it... Which is why I am writing this post today, rather than the review I was planning. I thought it would be a nice to do... Continue Reading →

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